Media War

Media War was probably the last song I arranged for the record The Change.

I had the intro and verse riffs written awhile back, but didn’t know what to do with them. So I was once jamming them on my guitar and then went to the kitchen to get some tea, and, while walking, I began humming the chorus (Media War, Media War) melody. Right then and there I knew I had to finish the song. So I ran back to my guitar, played the song, came up with the mid section, and voila! A short (in Greyfade terms), sweet, and catchy song was born.

Now we need to add the lyrics!

I went back to my lyrics vault and I searched for the "Media War" song which I wrote a very very long time ago. I think it was written during my college days because the piece of paper that I wrote it on had one of my lectures on the back. Yup, that was before the iPad days! Back then we were taking notes on Paper!

Going through my lyrics, which I totally forgot about, I saw how relevant they were today. 

The song is about how we are bombarded with news all day and how each media outlet has its own agenda. It's about how the facts are twisted and turned to serve a purpose or a political agenda. In the end, the consumer, the common man, is fed fabricated lies to serve an agenda of a politician.

And what about the actual truth?

I know for a fact that, in Lebanon, the major political parties each own a TV network that serves their purposes and disses the opponents. I’m sure this happens all around the world.

I wrote the lyrics to the song before the age of social media. Now, in addition to the tainted TV and radio networks, we have podcasts, twitter, and facebook. Each smarthole (I don’t like cursing but you can replace smart with another word that’s more fitting in this context) has their small outlet to spread lies, fake news and bigotry.

Again what about the actual truth?

Grey Fade