King of Kings - Music Video

The topic of religion has always been a very polarizing issue to discuss. Everyone has an opinion and, more so, many do take defending their opinions to extreme measures.

I would like to point out that this song is not an attack on any faith of any kind. This song is a criticism of the hypocrites that hide behind the veil of faith to commit the most dire of sins which, in theory, their faith abhors. Faith asks us to forgive and be compassionate: they don’t. Faith asks us to be true to ourselves and tolerate each other: they don’t. Faith asks us to help one another: they certainly don’t.

In fact, just yesterday (from the day of writing this blog), a rock group from my country was criminalized by religious zealots for “not adhering to the principles and standards of the faith” and they asked the municipality to ban the band from performing their scheduled concert.

That same religious entity overlooks the fact that the deficit in that country is more than 60 billion dollars (that’s right, billion dollars), most of it is due to corruption at the highest levels and they turn the blind eye on that. On the contrary, they welcome those same thieves to their masses as if nothing is wrong, and it's all cool and dandy.

Of course, let’s ban a concert where kids can have fun but ignore the lies, corruption, and theft that’s causing poverty and crimes on the streets. And what about sectarianism, racism, denying the LGBQT community their rights and pedophilia… Nah… A’int no biggie …

I’m not saying all religious people and men and women of the cloth are hypocrites. Many of them are very good and they play a very positive role in society and they adhere to the true essence and teachings of their faith. Those people deserve our utmost respect.

However the hypocrites that think that if they pray, fast and perform all their religious duties in the public’s eye and, in secret, lie, steal, cheat and conspire in spreading hate are absolved of their sins, then they are undeniably mistaken. Faith is not an act or a charade. Faith is a way of life. Unfortunately, many of those charlatans exist in todays world and walk amongst us.

In the bible, Jesus is referred to as the king of kings. What do you think is his opinion of many of the imposters that speak in his name?

Grey Fade