“I carry on with a weary smile… I carry on the weight of a thousand mountains”. These are the opening lines to my latest single, "Easier."

As I was writing these two lines, I saw most of the people I know in front of me. The false pretence that people live in; The mask they put on to cover the heavy burden they carry deep in their hearts. All their social media pages are decorated with smiles, parties, group hugs, rainbows and sunsets yet what lies beneath is sadness, darkness, betrayal, unrequited love and despair.

The song basically talks about a tired and sad person. Our hero tries to fight sadness and pretends that things are dandy and good yet in the end he gives up. “It’s easier to be sad”.

I’m not a psychologist and I’m not authorized to give advice on this matter but one thing I know for sure, living a lie is not the solution. I believe we should face the demon, fight it, defeat it and live a life of true happiness. Don’t pretend. 

Grey Fade